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Black and White Exotic Shorthair Female

CFA Grand CH Bravlion Dominatrix

Sire: CFA CH Calivan's Bolero of Bravlion

Dam: CFA CH Jerba Nicol's Sweet-Stuff of Bravlion

BRAVLION is a PKD DNA, FeLV, FIV testing cattery.

BRAVLION, a show quality exotic shorthair cat breeder, is a proud member of the following organization:

The Cat Fanciers Association

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Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair cats are a cross between an American or British short hair and a Persian.  They have the body conformation of a Persian but with short plush fur, giving them the appearance of living teddy bears.

Originally created in the early 1960's, they were formally recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) in 1967.

Shorthair exotic kittens tend to have a gentle and affectionate personality and are quite intelligent.

Exotic Shorthair Female - Calico Van


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The Exotic is sometimes referred to as the "lazy man's Persian," Shorthair Persian or Exotic Persian, as it has the same body and head type as a Persian, but due to its shorter fur it does not require the frequent brushing that a Persian does.

Occasionally Exotic Shorthair will produce longhaired kittens as well.  These Exotic Longhair (ELH) are physically identical to a Persian, but have the sweeter, more playful personality of the Exotic.

At Bravlion, having exotic shorthair kittens around the house is one of the greatest joys, and each one has such a unique and wonderful personality. Our kittens are lovingly raised around our family and socialized for an easy transition into yours. Exotic shorthair kittens are intelligent, playful and have a very affectionate disposition. From the moment your new baby exotic enters your arms, you will know just how special that this breed of cat is. Our kittens page features exotic shorthair kittens that we have available. We have litters peridically throughout the year and post pictures when the kittens are ready to find their forever homes. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what type of exotic shorthair kitten that you are looking for, and we can take it from there...

Exotic Shorthair Kittens

Exotic Shorthair Kittens
...we melt hearts
Visit the kittens page to see our available exotic shorthair kittens
CFA CH Bravlion Max-a-Million Bucks
CFA GC D`Eden Lover Casanova of Bravlion
CFA CH Calivan's Bolero of Bravlion
Sire: GC, NW Heida I Luv Rock' n Roll X Dam: CH Calivan's Tuff Tabitha.
Bolero - Black and White Exotic Shorthair Male
Bolero - Black and White Bicolor Exotic Shorthair
Bolero is a wonderfully,  sweet baby boy and has added so much to our breeding lines.  We are highly indebted to a friend for intrusting us with this precious boy and grateful to Kathleen for his breeding.   Bolero has become one of the foundations for our breeding lines and his kittens are absolutely fantastic!
CFA CH, Grand pointed Bravlion Rusty Hooligan
Sire:  Purfurvid Dominar Rygel X Dam:  CH Kis' Herbas Sikozu
Rusty - Red and White Exotic Shorthair
Rusty - Red Tabby and White Exotic Shorthair
The Hooligan is as sweet and affectionate as he is gorgeous!  He is a red tabby and white exotic shorthair of our own breeding.  We are currently expecting his third litter.
Purfurvid Dominar Rygel of Bravlion, our angel now in heaven
Dominar - Black and White Exotic Shorthair Male

Pedigree of Dominar Rygel

Dominar Rygel's pedigree can be viewed by clicking on the PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Dominar Rygel, a very sweet tempered black and white bicolor exotic shorthair came to us from Purfurvid Cattery in Southern California, bred from champion stock.

Thank you Jeanne for this handsome and lovable boy!


CFF GC, CFA Champion Exquizot East Texas Tyke of Bravlion
East Texas Tyke - Texas Exotic Shorthair
East Texas Tyke - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair
Tyke (TNT) is an extremely sweet tempered red tabby exotic shorthair who came to us from Pinkatz Cattery in New Hampshire.  He is bred from Grand Champion stock. Thank you Heddy for this wonderful and lovable boy!

Exotic Shorthair Females - Ladies

CFA Blu-Paw Million $$ Baby of Bravlion
exotic femalebrown patced tabbyfemale exotic
CFA CH Bravlion Blue Tango in Paris of Blu-Paw
blue exoticblue shorthair
CFA Grand Champion Bravlion Karmel Sutra
Sire: East Texas Tyke of Bravlion X Dam: Bravlion Bella Lucia, an Exotic longhair
Karmel - Exotic Shorthair
Karmel - Brown Tabby and White Exotic Shorthair Female
Karmel Sutra - Exotic Shorthair Show Cat
CFA Champion Jerba Nicol's Sweet-Stuff of Bravlion
Sire: Ch Brettonpark Cotton Eye Joe X Dam: Jerba Nicol's X-treme
Exotic Shorhair Cat
CFA CH Calico Moon's Chiana of Bravlion
Chiana - Calico Van Exotic Shorthair Female

Pedigree of Chiana


Chiana's pedigree can be viewed by clicking on the PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Chiana, a beautiful calico van came to us from  Calico Moon Cattery in Denmark.


CFA CH Bravlion Pandango & CFA CH Bravlion Cara Mia K-Sara Sara
Pandango and Cara Mia K Sara Sara - Exotic Shorthairs
CFA CH, Grand pointed Exotic Den Aeryn Sun of Bravlion
Spicey - Tortishell Exotic Short Hair
CFA CH Pinkatz Ultraviolet of Bravlion
Ultraviolet - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair
CFA Champion Bravlion Opalescense, Exotic Longhair
Sire: CH Bravlion Rusty Hooligan X Dam: CH Jerba Nicol's Sweet-Stuff of Bravlion.
Exotic Longhair

CFA Grand Premier, Champion Kis'herbas Sikozu of Bravlion

Currently Showing in CFA Premiership

Sikozu - Brown Patch Tabby Exotic Shorthair
Sikozu - CFA Grand Premier
She is retired from breeding. We are now showing her.
*Shipping Policy: Bravlion ships domestically, to U.S. Territories as well as Canada. Our show quality exotic shorthair are living in forever homes thoughout the United States including, California, Texas, New York, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Oregon, Maine, Connecticut, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont and Virginia. We primarily use the Continental PetSafe Program. Shipping charges are additional. Please inquire about rates as they vary.
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